The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a personalized wellness and recovery system born out of and rooted in the principle of self-determination. WRAP is a wellness and recovery approach that helps people to: 1) decrease and prevent intrusive or troubling feelings and behaviors; 2) increase personal empowerment; 3) improve quality of life; and 4) achieve their own life goals and dreams. Working with a WRAP can help individuals to monitor uncomfortable and distressing feelings and behaviors and, through planned responses, reduce, modify, or eliminate those feelings. A WRAP also includes plans for responses from others when an individual cannot make decisions, take care of him/herself, and/or keep him/herself safe.

This seminar centers on new ideas, maintenance, and learning new implementations skills and strategies.

The primary goal of this training is to teach skills to better self-manage chronic physical health conditions, and mental illnesses and addictions -- known as "behavioral health" -- to achieve whole health. In the context of this training, whole health is defined as having a healthy mind and body. A foundation of self-management in this training is peer support.